FVector Widget Not Appearing with Actor Class


(This is from The Unreal engine Multiplayer course) (Lecture 10)

So Sam showed us how to use FVector widgets to visualize the vector, i tried recreating it using an Actor Component class instead of a Static Mesh Actor as used in the course. when i applied the UPROPERTY and compiled successfully, nothing was appearing. But when i use the static mesh actor it does appear. Is this feature exclusive to the static mesh actor or am i missing something?



I might only work on SceneComponents. Give it a try with that as a base class.

Hi Sam,

The scene component class also works, so does that mean pure actors classes don’t have this feature?

Thank you

Looks like that might be the case. Probably because the vector needs to be relative to a position and it uses the position of the scene component. ActorComponents don’t have position.

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ok thanks for the help

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