Fur color question

Hi so I understand that because of the density of the fur it comes out darker then you think, my problem is i would like my rabbit to have white or very close to white fur but i keep getting dark gray even when i crank all the settings to white as far as they go. any ideas? also any idea why the ears are not getting fur like the rest? i set teh loc and rot and scale.

For the fur being grey instead of white, first check if your fur material is properly assigned. Otherwise, keep in mind that for the moment your environment is grey.

Right, though wouldn’t that mean that if I have say a green background it’s fur will be tinted green rather than white?

Slightly, yes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that for the moment every hair on your rabit is perpendicular, thus projecting shadow one on another in a way that makes it look grayish.
Once your hair is combed, it will look way more white.

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Thanks so much.

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