Fruit Squash - My Block Breaker Game

Hello everyone!

Introducing my first game - Fruit Squash! Here is my take on the block breaker game. I chose to theme my game on fruit cubes (like those satisfying images of perfectly cut cubes of fruit) and wanted it to have a fun, fruity, beachy feel which hopefully comes through with the colours chosen and the sprites I designed. I set the game on an empty, calm sandy beach as it reminded me of having fruit on summer vacation and the ball is a volleyball - which seemed to make sense for me.

I went a little further than the course, adding a variety of power-ups and lives to give the player more things to utilise and look forward to. This can of course be taken further and I have plenty of ideas, but for now my knowledge of programming is hindering me. As Rick said in one of the episodes, once I progress through the course I can return to this project with greater knowledge and implement some of these ideas!

For now, I leave you with some screenshots and a link to my game so that you can give it a shot. I hope you enjoy!


Please feel free to provide me with some feedback/suggestions and I look forward to hearing how you found it! :slight_smile:


Nice game. I liked the sound of sea and background.
Try search some paddle script so the ball bounces more upwards than to side, because when it reflects from one wall to another many times is annoying.
something like this:
on collision enter(collision)
var direction = Vector2.Normalize(collision.hitPoint - paddle.transform.pos );
var up = Vector2.up;
ball.rb2D.velocity = (direction + up) * ballSpeed;

Great game, but yeah, what 111100 said, I don’t have issues if the ball bounces too much from side to side, I even consider it as a tactic for this kind of games, the issue is that while I was playing the ball got stucked in the top of the screen, it kept bouncing side to side, I wasn’t able to play.