From the beginning to the end: My Animated Lamp

CPU: Intel i5 3.10Ghz 4 Core
GPU: AMD Radeon R7 360

BMW Resolution 50%
Best Times
240 Tiles: 05:01:77 (GPU)
32 Tiles: 07:25:68 (CPU)

Here’s the backdrop.

Lighting set up. I’m not seeing a reason to use an object emission at this point so I went with 3 area lamps.

Here is the base.

Pretty neat the difference adjusting the resolution makes.

As for getting rid of the extra faces, I selected them all, deleted and bridged edge loops. I wasn’t happy with the messy vertices in the center though, so I deleted them and extruded the previous loop and sized it to 0.

Lamp Stem

Here’s the lamp that I mocked up. I know how I want it to move, now to see if I can make it happen.

1st bone.

Lower Arm

Bone added.

Looking good so far. :slight_smile:

The constraints. I’m starting to get some ideas on how to rig my other lamp.

Lamp shade, fully rigged.

Node set ups.

The kelvin scale says light bulbs have a temperature of 3000. I’ve read that Blender works on the kelvin scale, so I’ve set the temperature to 3000. I’ve also used a spot light and a emission circle out of fear of the fireflies the emission by itself would create.

Strike a pose!

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Since I’m only rendering at 10 frames a night (omg it takes 8 hours!) I’m going ahead with the rest of the lessons and will post the animation when it’s finished… in like a week.

So many problems setting the groups up, but I found if I returned the pose to starting pose everything worked the way it was supposed to. The problems were when it wasn’t in the pose it started in.

It looks good, the only thing that’s off is the shade, it’s supposed to look around. That can be re-done later though. I had to add an extra bone to get the lamp stem to pivot properly.

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Michael said to have fun, so I did. :smile:

Now I’m off to animate my mock lamp!


Took 3 months, but I finished the animation of the mock lamp.


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