From Creation to Play Store in 5 Months


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Ever wonder how to get your game to rank? Complete Unity Developer student Rafael, shares his experience of taking his first game from nowhere to third in the Google Play store listing for the “ragdoll physics”.

My name is Rafael Rivera, I’m a 38 year old advertisement bachelor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I’m an Indie Game developer. Since I can remember, I was always playing video games. I’m the type of gamer that enjoys every kind of game - from 8-bits to flash games, mobile, Xbox or PC. If it’s fun then I will play it!

I always wanted to work with games, but it was not an easy option back then… before the internet. Yeah, I’m from that time. Since I decided to start my Gamedev journey with Unity, about eight months ago, I searched online for courses and found Udemy. I clicked on their ‘best-rated Unity courses’ and found “Complete Unity Developer - Learn To Code By Making Games” with instructor Ben Tristem and team.

I learnt everything I needed for my first game: animations, level managers, buttons, sounds, physics, coding in C# and more. Ben Tristem is a great teacher. The course made the game possible.

After lots of hours watching the course and working with Unity, I started to go through Ragdoll Physics which I’d always liked. I came up with the idea of this simple game, a Ragdoll Monster Shooter game. And then… I never worked so hard in my life. And it’s have been the best job I ever had.

After five months of hard work, it launched. I now have more than a thousand downloads, a good placement in App stores and I’m very happy with my new career.

My background in marketing was very useful when the game was done. If you’re a rookie, I’ll tell you this: half the job is getting the game done! The other half is marketing it, using analytics to improve it and research the player’s behaviour.

The GameDev.TV community is a great way to show your game in early stages and get feedback. They have a chat that is always on, with a community that likes to share knowledge.

Last thing I want to say: I’ve been to college, got an MBA and studied for three masters degree exams, and making this game (from scratch to marketing) is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is just plain hard work - hours studying, making and marketing the game. That’s how I did it. I hope this helps you get going.

Never forget: It’s hard work but it’s awesome!

You can find Rafael’s game on the Google Play store. He’s also on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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