Forum Update / SketchFab Links

I noticed a few days ago that posts containing links to SketchFab were not embedding the 3D model into the post but instead produced a thumbnail and link to SketchFab.

As a community we received some fantastic support from both Discourse and SketchFab today and the issue has now been resolved.

All posts on the forums where SketchFab links had been used have been checked, short URLs have been replaced with full URLs where necessary, if you notice your posts have been updated by someone else, this is why.

In addition it appears that some of the intricacies of using the SketchFab links have now been improved;

  • You no longer need to have text above and/or below the SketchFab link
  • You no longer need to have an empty line above and below the SketchFab link

So, to embed your awesome models within a post on the forum from SketchFab, all you need to do is this;

  • Paste the full URL from SketchFab into your post, e.g.
  • Ensure that the URL is on a line by itself, no other text


  • Use the :link: functionality to turn the URL into a link, it will be transformed automatically
  • Use the short URLs from the Share menu on SketchFab (e.g., these are not transformed

I hope this information is of use.

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Thank you, Rob! It is very useful!

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