Forum theme issue in Chrome

Forum seems okay in Firefox, Opera and IE and Edge but not in Chrome. Is this just my issue or are other people seeing the same problem in chrome?

This is how the forum is displaying in my Chrome browser on PC.

This is how the forum is displaying in my Firefox browser on PC.



Mine is fine in Chrome. Using the latest version 51.

Another screenshot:

I can confirm I am also using Chrome and do not suffer from any issues. Loads fast, all images/icons/text are appearing as I would expect. Same version (51) as @noise. Happy to post up images of settings if it is of use? I don’t believe I had changed any from the default though. Have you tried clearing the cache? I know there were a few changes at the beginning when the forum was being configured in terms of appearance and so on.

Thanks guys.

Clearing cache and de/reinstall did not fix it but defaulting the setting in Chrome did. Weird one, but fixed.


Glad you got it sorted @Paul_Land :slight_smile:

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