Forum for collaboration requests?


I know there’s a topic about a community project, but what about just putting up requests for people to collaborate with? Should those be placed here, or should there be a new sub-board for those?


I think a sub-category is a great idea. What should we call it? Collaboration? Needs to be 1 or 2 words


I think Collaboration Requests makes sense, or something of a similar nature. It clearly states the purpose of the category with little room for confusion. If one word was preferable, maybe Collaborate?


Collaboration or Collaboration Requests will work.


Might be nice to give a heads up about what things to mention in a first post when introducing one’s self - for example “I have strong 3D modelling skills” - or “I am a competent coder”, or “I am learning but would like to focus on coding”, or “I am a musician and would like to add my skills to a game” - that type of thing, that way you could perhaps identify people for specific collaborative projects, rather than having 20 coders - an a cube :slight_smile:


@Rob I would assume most of the initial posts would be people who have their own ideas for games coupled with what type of teammates they’re looking for. And given the fact that this forum is for students in both the Unity/Unreal and the Blender courses, there should be enough resources here to cover both the programming and art sides of the table. :slight_smile:


Hiya @hypnometal, yeah I guess so, I suppose I was looking at it from the other end. e.g. someone saying “I’d like to help, I’m good at…” as opposed to perhaps having a specific idea of their own. Will be interesting to see it take off, there is some fab work going on across all of these courses, real potential here for people to come together and make something great :slight_smile: