Follow up from Udemy: [Question] Glitch Garden Tutorial 174

Hello To anyone,

I wrote to Nina in Udemy but there’s no reply for 2 months. I have no choice but to put my question here:

My udemy link is :

Hi Nina,

It appears that you were too busy to check my question.

1 - I’ve compared Rick’s project with mine. Upon experimenting with my project, I found that the null error was actually caused by some sensitivity in Unity. It appears that my old inactive game object was still attached to prefab and cannot be attached together when the active one is already attached. Upon removing it, the error disappeared. Another null exception error is there, but the error is now different. You mentioned that you changed the cost of the star to - what - 0? I put it as 10 but now I get this error.

int defenderCost = defender.GetStarCost();

2 - Your suggestion of changing background to canvas might be the reason why my images are not working. I’ve checked Rick’s project. When we use backgrouind - as in 2d object, rect transform doesn’t appear. When I created a new object using canvas, rect transform will be there. So what’s the best thing to use?

Please be warned that I don’t think going back to gametv is going to be beneficial, since I still know very little unity. Do you have an account in unity forum? That way, I can chat with you privately without disturbing anyone. I do not believe my current contributions will benefit anyone at this time.

Please check my issues. I look forward to solving my problem, then finishing this section.