Fluffy in grass-claid hills

Still a very early draft. No weight-painting (need more on the hills than low ground) and no actual modelling the tree and the (now invisible) stones…

I’m not sure about … anything :-/

  • Sizes/proportions?
  • Lighting?
  • Level of detail?
  • Particle distribution?

… guess I will have to experiment for a few days, time is up now :slight_smile:

Would love some feedback. I can’t put my fingers on what to improve first…


Overall, I think it looks pretty decent. :+1:

The flow of the land looks great. The current position of the bunny and tree look fine. For the bunny, I would probably rotate it on the Z-axis or something to be able to appreciate seeing the second ear a little better (or just move the left ear independently). And for the tree, maybe bring down a few branches with leaves into the shot.

The grass density is up to you, but it might be nice to manually add a few patches of darker green grass in the more bare areas, or small patches of low sitting flowers you’d see in a field.

And if you want some more contrast to the scene, maybe you could add a hollow log behind the bunny to the left of the image. So like it would have just come out from that log (and it could let you remove some grass behind it to compensate for patches added in other locations).


In the end, whatever makes you happy will be what is best. If you want to be lean about it, you could load the image into Photoshop or Gimp, then draw the few things I mentioned (or what you want) on different layers. Then you can quickly hide/show the layers to see what might look best and do it in Blender after.

Keep up the good work~


The light on the rabbit is coming from the right to left. but the right grass is darker then on the left.
Maybe that makes it ‘off’ ?

I also miss some depth reference. The rabbit is ok, it’s the center of attention. But the the brown pillar (tree), doesn’t give depth (reference) to the scene (difficult to express here :wink: ).

Maybe it will change with the next steps, flowers and tree.

But, I do like it, good work.

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