Fluffy Bunny Final

So I don’t particularly care for my tree itself, but everything else I was way too happy with not to share. Let me know what you think!


I think you did an excellent job with this scene. I do like the tree and the twilight effect of your scene. Your grass is very well done and realistic looking in my opinion.

The scene I did was so laggy and slow by the end of the lectures it was difficult to work with anything in the scene. I don’t really care all that much for sapling, I don’t think it is very intuitive to use nor does it makes leaves or adds then to the tree very well. Plus, the tree and leaves end up being very high poly the more realistic you try to make them. I don’t think there are many alternative out there and what there are tend to be kind of expensive.

Now that your scene completed, you could copy your tree into a new file and mess around with it till you get it they way you like. Edit some of the vertices and push and pull them around or do some sculpting. Once you have it the way you want, you could reuse it over and over again in other scenes in the future.

Hi Morgaine!

Thanks! I do know what you mean about the render times… I did 200 Cycles at full 1080p and it took my PC a couple hours to render out. For me though it wasn’t the tree but the grass that caused the major lags in rendering.

In addition to moving the tree into a separate .blend file, the tree is sufficiently far away that it could just be rendered out from that blend file into a texture and just mapped to a plane here. I’d guess that would help render times as well at the expense of more precise lighting (which wouldn’t be a big deal again because of the distance the tree was from the focal point of the scene).

  • Andy

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