I created the first layout of the office block I am going the make!
The stuff we are learning in this course is really starting to come together. Loving it!


Nicely done! I haven’t had much luck at this point connecting walls to my satisfaction. I am still trying to discover the best way to make openings. The knife tool or using a boolean modifier is rather messy and do not like the end results. Did you use pieces to frame in your openings or, use an edge loop to frame them in?

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Hi Morgaine,

I did the door with a large block 2x1x4 and the Boolean tool.
And the windows, I redid the way Michael does in the course material.

Can’t wait to have a peek at your upcoming work, Morgaine! :slight_smile:

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When you used the Boolean, did you receive Ngons? I keep getting Ngons and some I never could fix so sort have stopped using the Boolean. I will have to go back and look at Micheal is creating his since, I have started taking another course and not finished this one yet!

Current project is working on a different Medieval House in a different course, which is very time consuming! But, am learning more about texturing, which was the whole point of taking it in the first place !

I am looking forward to see how your office evolves. It’s nice to see how others model and, I usually learn a thing or two. So, be sure to post updates!

What additional course are you doing? I quite fancy getting a bit of depth so to speak. I might take it after completing this one. I like to finish the old ones first. :wink:

I am stuck on the Asset Lectures and cannot seem to force myself to finish that section…has been very boring to me. I thought we would build a Gothic Church together like the other projects so perhaps is why I am stuck. Is rather dry without a project to go along with. I am taking the Creating 3D Environments in Blender it has taught me more about texturing, which is what I was originally looking to do before I found Micheal’s Blender Course.

Mmm… yeah I know what you mean. If it is something you dont enjoy doing I can imagine procrastinating on it.
The lectures after this one is where you can follow along with Michael, if it helps you to get going in the course again… :slight_smile:
I wrote the name of the course down you are doing and will have a look at it after this, thanks!

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