[Fixed] Snarky Prison Escapee Game

Deviant Prison (sfw)

Spruced up the basic story, kept the plot but added what I hope is humor.

Hello, this will be my first time answering and I hope it wont be the last one. I really wnted to play your game but it seems like the text it doesnt fit on the unity WebPlayer screen. I’ll put the screencap here so you will see how it looks. Maybe it’s just my laptop, this old boy wont get any better.
Hope to know about any changes and i’ll be ready to play your version :smile:

Oh noes! Thank you so very much. This will teach me to double check.

Gamebucket seems to be down. Here’s a public link to Dropbox for the WebGL version. I set it to run at 1024x768. Hope that fixes the text overflow issue.


Thank you again for the feedback.

Chrome doesn’t seem to enjoy the WebGL build. Also, there seems to be no way to play it directly from Dropbox. I wish Chrome would get its act together and support unity web player, and WebGL built from unity… Any other file hosting services I should try? I honestly cannot get GameBucket to work. I suppose I should post that as a seperate topic.

THIS will work. Honest. :slight_smile: 1024x768 should be your screen res at least.

Really enjoyed this!

Wow, thank you very much!

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