Fixed Object Interaction please!


I’ve been trying to figure out how to operate fixed controls like Button’s, Levers/Joysticks, Turning Knobs/Wheels/Valves, opening doors/drawers etc. The kind of interactions you see in games like Job Simulator, I Expect You To Die and Ultrawings. I really hope you will show us how to do these more advanced interactions. :slight_smile:

After a week or so trial and error, I finally managed to make a nice lever system in Unity. and then decided to take a stab at a steering wheel, and quickly realized it was a lot more complicated. Educational material on this subject is extremely scarce for both Unreal and Unity. There are a few other VR courses out there, but they only seem to cover simple stuff like picking up and throwing objects.

PS. I see you’re using a Rift, so I hope it won’t be too difficult to translate for use on Vive. I did notice in the Intro video that SteamVR is also supported though. This is just a friendly reminder that we viver’s exist! :smiley:

Thank you for making this course though. I’m super excited to see where it goes! :partying_face: