First Plane

I jumped in a little too quickly and ended up creating a plane as a combination of shape and extruding. Then continued lesson and saw it was a simple extrusion challenge so I re-did the plane using only a cube and extruding. I went for a totally different way of modeling it than Mike, but learned a lot. Just found out as a new user I can only post one image so I’ll do two post.

Two things:

First off, however you did it, that you felt was fitting to YOU, was the correct answer, for you. Don’t redo something just to mimic something else, unless 1) you truly didn’t get it or, 2) you simply want their result. You’ll get a lot more by doing your own thing :slight_smile:

Second, “but learned a lot”? Then I would call this challenge a success! :slight_smile:

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I re-did it because I wanted to see what I could do starting just with a cube and only using extrusion to create geometry. I definitely agree there isn’t any correct answer and appreciate your reply. Cheers.

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Yes, sir! Then that’s a very valid reason for doing so. :stuck_out_tongue:

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