First Dungeon attempt

Hello all

I wanted to showcase my first attempt at dungeon creation. One issue that is obvious is the lines in the forefront of the camera. These are from the “back” walls and I am not sure how to deal with them. If I take all of the “back” walls out, it still looks OK but its clear that each room only has three walls. (You can see what I mean in the image, the “back” walls are the ones that are transparent from this angle)

  • still haven’t attempted anything in the way of lighting, just a spot light on some of the torches.

Sorry for the Dropbox link to the video, apparently the native file type of my screen recorder isn’t compatible with this website.


looking good

It’s looking good :slight_smile:
I would make it a little bit darker to make it more mysterious and scary … About the lines, maybe you can fix the issue playing with the clipping planes:

Can’t wait to get into dungeons with @Michael_Bridges and @Rick_Davidson


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