First base render

Not sure why my render is grainy yet. Also decided to stick this stuff on my github. Have no idea if that’ll be helpful but being a programmer and all I’m used to that kind’a source control.

Decided to add another subdivide on my curve and make it look a bit like a splash of water or something.

Also only light in scene is from the Window plane created earlier - I deleted all the other lights and that cone already. See if that bites me in the next lectures.

I found interacting with the curve quite difficult. I think I understand them better now, but only by playing with it quite a bit. I expect this is a better-with-practice type thing.

I may stream a little over the weekend again with my blender blunderings. Follow me here or share your own stream :slight_smile:

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Hi, try to push up the number of samples under Render/Sampling/Samples and it wont be grainy.

If square samples checked, the numbers are squared, so 12 means 12*12.

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