First animation

This is somewhat of a concept animation. There is still lots to be done, I need to improve the movements as I feel it changes pase a bit at the later stages movement gets longer. And I rendered it in eevee because I have to get to bed soon and well I wanted to see how it looked.

Also the camera should be moved, now the backdrop end is showing, and maybe also animate the camera movement. But that will be in later stages of this course.

I feel there is also a better way to do this later on as I now had to calculate the y movement for each jump. Feel there is better ways to copy the movements.

Anyway here is the link to my short clip


I like it. Some different camera positions could help.
But it’s a funny short story. Great!!

Thank you so much. Yes camera is on the todo-list. I just felt the need to share what I had so far.