Finished text101 - "The Dungeon!"

Hi all, here’s the link to my finished text adventure game, called The Dungeon. I had heaps of fun making it. The only things I did additionally to what was taught was to use rich text colors to make my text more interesting looking, and also near the end I used to bool to make a simple inventory item work (my coding skills stretched that far plus a little research online, and it worked much to my delight!!). :grin:

Please play my game and I hope you get a laugh.


Yay! I managed to build the GL version and uploaded it to a space on my own website, and share it with my family and friends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One thing I’m wondering is that my title graphic looks much lower resolution on the GL version and i can’t find any options on how to set that so it doesn’t do that, anybody know how to set that?

Also here is the flow diagram I made for the game:

Hey there Simon,

Have to say that I loved the look of your game pal. I especially liked the idea of placing a title into your scenes… I never did that in mine.

I originally used booleans to house an inventory but I decided to keep it very simple in the end.

Overall bud, your layout and game was really nice.

Great job.


Thanks Steve! I’m currently working on Dungeon 2 which includes stuff learned from all the lessons so far! It’s forcing me to go back and review a lot of things which I think is a good learning process…

Stay tuned for future Dungeon action, lol!


Drop me a line when it’s done and I’ll check it out.

Good luck buddy.

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