Finished Chess Board-Camera Rendered

This is my finished product for rendering. Since it has been years since I played chess, it is doubtful I have the board set up correctly. I was going for more of a silver and gold look but my attempts at simulating that in the pieces didn’t work so well. The pieces might have needed a texture to help the metal simulation. Despite that bit of disappointment, I am rather happy with what I have learned so far and what I have created.

I really do not like how these camera controls work. It seems like a lot of back and forth between views and the camera view. I finally did open a new window and put one in camera mode while moving my camera around in another window. It took out a bit of frustration.

I have to say Michael and Ben rock! I tried to muddle my way through other tutorials, which none provided the depth of information as this course has.


It looks great! I like how your knight turned out. I am loving this course as well. A lot of in-depth explanations which are great for a beginner like me.

Something I learned recently: If you hit “N” and open up the properties tab, scroll down to the “View” drop-down menu and check “Lock camera to view” it will help immensely. With the box checked, press"0" on the number-pad and you can now move the camera around in that view like you would normally move around in your scene. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment on my knight! It was a really challenging piece to make.

I will give that "Lock Camera to View " a go and see if it helps. I appreciate the advice! :slight_smile:

Happy Modeling!

WOW, that color palette is really awesome, it looks like old chess boards.
Nice work @Morgaine_Christensen!

This is nice. I’ve seen a few where it seemed like the texture just kept repeating over the side and this one actually looks like it is a solid piece of wood and not multiple carbon copies glued together. Good job!

Thanks for the compliment, BCMaia!

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Thanks, Pirate Poots!

I have had a little experience with textures in another venue so try very hard to make things look real rather than repeated. A lot depends on the texture, I do not like how Blender does texturing. I find it very cumbersome and difficult to deal with…I am sure most of it is me :-)…Blender could to a much better job and make it easier.

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