Finished Bulls and Cows But

Hello everyone. I finally did it. After all the distractions in life I finally finished the bullscows section and I’m ready to get into Escape. Well, that’s what I WOULD be saying if it wasn’t for this silly detail. I did not code the part that lets you code the game properly. If you type ‘n’ after t asks to play again it literally just makes you play again anyway. I know the code I’m thinking should be there isn’t even there yet, so I’m lost times two. Attached is my code for all three solutions as text files in a zip file. What am I missing here? I feel so silly. (3.5 KB)

So whatever I missing is near the Response. I just don’t know what to do there! And I’m actually starting to understand a bit more. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again~!

Surround code like this using backticks (`) like this
or indent code by 4 or highlight and press the <./> button. For code formatting

I re did the first post. It came off very weird in its format. I think a zip file with three .txt files makes more sense.

You could have also used Anyway your code works as expected, try rebuilding your solution.

Lesson learned on the idea of rebuilding my codes/solutions!

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