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My project is to start a little online shop where I can post and sell custom handmade macrame bracelets. I will be going through a Web Dev Bootcamp course on Udemy on the side to help me learn the things I need to know to build, host and maintain the website.

:large_orange_diamond: Timeline Milestones :large_orange_diamond:

September 6th: You’ll be able to visit the first version of my website at its own domain, read about my plans for expansion there and see some images of items I’ve made and materials available to make more out of.

end of October: The website will be ready to take orders - pre-made bracelets will be available for sale and a custom order form can be filled out with details (pattern, colors, size, closure style) of the bracelet to be made. I will have some professional looking social media advertisements up with photos of products in them.

mid-December: A visualizer applet for custom orders will go live, enabling a user to select options from drop-down menus and see a mock-up image of a bracelet in the pattern and colors they choose right on the website - So that guests can see how the colors will look together before buying.

end of December: The visualizer will have at least 4 different displayable patterns to choose from.

end of February (2020): The website will feature a display of “related product” photos on the visualizer page so that in addition to the mock-up, the user can see photos of real products made in the past which have a similar pattern, color scheme, buckle or etc. to the bracelet they are designing.

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:large_orange_diamond: Product Photography :large_orange_diamond:

One of the early hurdles I am facing with this project is product photography. How to take not just pictures, but professional, clean pictures like you might find on reputable Amazon listings.

Over the past two weeks, I looked up and read some guides about product photography, ordered a tripod and some craft paper, and I have taken and retouched some of my first product photos!

Please give me feedback on these retouched pictures!
What would make these photos look even more professional and clean?

Retouched Images

I’m still learning as I go along. These photos are posted in the order that I retouched them, so hopefully you find the first ones aren’t quite as good as the last ones.
I’ve included the photos as they looked before retouching in expandable boxes like this one for contrast.






















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:large_orange_diamond: Launch Day :large_orange_diamond:

My website is now live at

I have put a lot of work and learning into getting it ready, and I am very proud of this prototype.

Next step: Setting up a back-end and order forms.

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Looks great! I’m proud of you! Work ethic like that is hard to come around!

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Thank you, Kevin.

It’s always a treat to get positive feedback for my work.

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Anytime! :smiley: