Finally my game is published - Monsters Breaker


Thank you Ben! I started the course last year but had to find time to polish and finish my game :slight_smile:

Hope you guys like it! It started with the same code as the course but in the end I changed it a lot.

Let me know what do you think!


Hi Bruno,

Well done on not only completing this section of the course but actually getting your game to the app store - nice work!

I really like your game and you’ve added some lovely mechanics. The concept of flying through the air is great, and the little details like the vapour trails on either edge of the play space really add to the overall feel of your game.

I didn’t do too well on my first game as I was using Bluestacks so was playing via the mouse (not so easy), but I will download/install to my mobile later today and play properly and look forward to exploring the rest of your game!


Thank you Rob :smiley:
I still have a bug to fix, sometimes the “ball” get stuck on the upper corner and the player needs to wait some time until the ball tweak to somewhere else…