Finally finished my blockBreaker game!

Hello all,

Here is my Updated Brick Breaker Game! Was going to post it sooner but got caught up in Pokemon Go. haha Anyway, I added simple particles that I kept all the same color because I like how it looks. Made the ball smaller and added a “points until next life” counter. I also fixed the paddle collider to add a tad more control over the ball.

Any suggestions and feedback will be amazing. I believe I got most of the bugs out (one that took me all of last night to figure out), but I’m sure there will be others that will show their ugly faces. lol


You might want to re-build it as WebGL.
Chrome doesn’t support UnityPlayer anymore.

sorry for late response. I just saw this. I was already making a good number of changes since I posted this, so I will make sure to convert it into a web GL build tonight when I repost. Thanks for the heads up man. :slight_smile:

I updated the build to WebGL. Let me know your thoughts man!

I only had a minute to try it as I’m at work and am not supposed to be playing video games, so I’ll try it longer later.

At first glance it looks good. I did notice one possible glitch. When the ball hit the paddle just to the right of where the paddle begins to slope down to the left, it went through it and cost me a life. If your paddle has multiple colliders, there might be a gap, or maybe it just went through it too fast for the colliders to see, if thats the case you might want to make it extend below the paddle a little ways so the ball can’t jump through it.
Everything else looked good. Ill play it some more tonight.

Hmm that never happened for me, but I will make the change you suggested and make sure it doesn’t happened again for me.

It could have just been a glitch in my browser, I’ll try to get it to do it again when I get a chance and let you know if I can.

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Well done @Program33

Hey @chris.claus42, I’ve tried to replicate this glitch as well, nothing happened here at least.

Thanks @Joao_Dalvi and @chris.claus42 for the help so far trying to figure out the bug. luckily it’s a simple fix that I can make regardless. I only have one collider in place, so I can easily extend it down a bit to help prevent the bug in case it wasn’t an issue with Chris’s browser.

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No problem, bugs teaches us a lot =D

It’s so true. This game took me a week longer than It should have because of all the bugs that were popping up. I expected some since I was doing a lot of stuff that wasn’t covered in the course, but I was not prepared for some of the monster bugs I ran into. I learned a lot throughout the process so I’m happy I made the effort to extend the game further, and I plan on doing the same with every project in the course.

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I think exactly the same way!
I’m modifying a lot the game that I’m doing for the Laser Defender Section. Debugging it and finding new ways to improve it forces me to think about what I’m doing wrong and what I should be doing to make it behave as I want it to, thus making us better understanding how unity and programming works.

The feeling when we get it to behave the way we want it to is just AWESOME!

I agree man. I just started the Laser Defender section this morning and I already have plenty of ideas on where I want to take the game. They may be a tad bit ambitious for my current skill level, but I’m going to give it a shot, or at least set up the framework for some of the advance concepts so I can come back to it.

Also, The music in the game was created by my roommate and I helped him with the ridiculous sound effects. haha Living with someone that can create all my in-game music is going to come in handy. I will need to post his soundcloud and information at some point if he is willing to take on requests for anyone wanting custom music. He doesn’t think he is good enough for that, but I think we can all agree that he has some talent. :slight_smile:

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He made music for my text based game as well, but I didn’t add that into the game until after I posted it.

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really? :astonished:
I wish I had an roommate like this! the sound has been an dificulty for me :worried:
your friend is very good at it by the way.

yea, I know nothing about Music production, and he was a big help to me so far since he gave me a basic understanding of the basic terminology for music lingo. lol yea he just started about a year ago and has made insane progress so far. He started watching Youtube videos and doing online courses. Goes to show that the route we are taking works. :slight_smile:

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I will tell him your positive comment. :slight_smile:

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