Final Polish And Tuning For Your RPG

Here’s a great place to share your final polish.

Micro suggestion in the ‘Macro Details’ lecture (heh).

I would have liked to see a sped up time lapse of Rick making his level from start to finish. Something like a 2-5 minute time lapse of everything would have been pretty nifty to see I reckon!

after using different character prefab from different POLYGON assets pack player and enemies look like that when I start the game.


Some of the characters have a bit of a scale issue, though I’ve never seen them quite like that…
Make sure the animator has the correct avatar on the character that matches the model being used.

Thanks. it was the animator. it had wrong avatar from other pack.

Hey guys I’m currently at the end of your RPG course and I want my game to look as awesome as yours, my question is: Is the Synty Knight pack the only pack you’ve bought or are there more packs you’ve bought? I also ask for the 2 additional courses to the RPG, because I also want to take them.
Thank you for your answer.

I do know the course scene also contains elements from the Polygon Adventure, Polygon Pirates, and PolygonVikings packs.
There are odds and ends from other places, @Rick_Davidson, if you could chime in on these.


This is a great course and I love what you guys do! My suggestion is to please add a video regarding lighting and how to avoid the headaches from lights turning off in the distance, or not baking as expected (as in ON), understanding the nuances of overlapping realtime, mixed and baked lighting, and the discoloration of our Synty models after I’ve baked the lighting (which I presume is some lightmapping thing).

I’ve looked at a ton of tutorials online but I had trouble finding anything that addresses these seemingly simple and notoriously common issues that I encounter with every scene I make.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Edit: I have just discovered the Gamedev.TV Tech Lighting Course. I’ve just enrolled :slight_smile:
That said, a BRIEF overview of common problems could be useful for some.

Hey it is me again I now baught a few asset packs and they look the same as ricks but i think he is using diffrent materials is that a diffrent pack because in git hub stands [Environments - Misc other assets] but I did not find that pack in the unity assets store.
Thank you for your answers.

Only a few more videos and I will finally be finished your course. Has been over a year now going back and forth trying to learn and understand what I am doing. It has been fun and looking forward to the other two follow on course that I have already purchased (inventory and Quest) and will finally be able to start. I just wanted to show the level I have created and of course I purchased more of the Polygon set as they were half price at the moment on Unity. I am thoroughly enjoying your courses and where it is taking time to write code with ease. One thing the course has helped me do is to be able to plan what I will need when planning (the basic architecture needed) a game without referring to notes. Thanks so far.

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can you please tell which skybox did you used