Final Chess Scene - LP and HP

For this section I decided to create a low-poly as well as a high-poly version of the chess pieces, just to push myself a bit further. It took longer, but it was definitely worth doing, as I learnt a lot during the process. I also used a different reference image (shown at the bottom of the post).

One of the nice discoveries for me was the “Screw” modifier - by creating a bezier curve and using the modifier, I could create fairly accurate shapes for the bases of the high-poly versions. The modifier works in a similar manner to “Spin”, however you can keep and modify the original shape for longer, while observing the effects of modifications. For low-poly you can also use it by simply creating a set of edges on a flat plane.

The most difficult part for me was the modelling of the knight, but I’m fairly happy how it turned out. In the end I kept the piece fairly smooth, without making the grooves etc for the mane - still need to learn how to achieve that properly (guessing the key might be in the sculpting mode?).

Rendering style-wise I decided to opt for a polished wooden look for the pieces and stone for the tiles.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work everyone!

Feel free to post your own chess scenes in this thread if you like :slight_smile:

Reference I used below from TheChessPiece online store - Virgo Ebony chess set:


Very well done!! Wonderful job!!

Thank you!

I really like the wood grain details in the pecices.

Thanks! To get the effect I used the rosewood texture from the lectures and changed the Influence Blend to negative and varied the colour of RGB to intensity.

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Superb! I really like this :wink:

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Love the jaggedy horse, everything is so Fabulous !!

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