FEZ and gog.com

Just yesterday I played FEZ for the first time. It’s fun- no timers ticking and infinite lives certainly help. :smile: Basically, you play as Gomez in a scenario similar to Flatland- a 2D character discovers the third dimension. And acquires the titular hat.

Levels in FEZ require you to rotate the world, jump from platform to platform and toss bombs around. There’s a story too- the standard “collect the Special Objects” plot. Those objects are small cubes that fill up larger cubes and let you progress. Naturally, doors require ever more cubes- 4, 8, 16, etc.

I bought the game on GOG, which has some advantages over Steam (in my mind). You don’t have to use a client (but you can), so the only download necessary is the installer. Not being connected means you can play distraction-free and post about your experience if you want to.

Give it a try if you like platformers or wish there was a better way of playing single-player games. :wink:

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Great game, enjoyed it a lot!

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