Hello everyone!

My name is Gustavo Maranhão, I am from São Paulo, Brazil and this is actually my first post here, I came to this forum following a couple courses in Udemy. I still haven’t finished any of them, but I know I am going to!

I have always wanted to develop games ever since I first trying to do Warcraft III maps using their in-game editor, I have even taken a few courses here and there while working on a few side projects during school. Since I got my first job a couple of years ago, unfortunately one far from the game developing realm, I have almost stopped this hobby I loved, but now I want to get back to developing games again and change my career focus towards game programming.

On to the reason of this post then, I have a few games (most of them unfinished) that I developed a few years ago, but other than close friends and family I had never exposed them to any sort of community. I just wanted to get some feedback on those from you guys, what do you think of them and if I should continue developing them or try starting new projects.

My bigger projects can be found at The one that is finished “the most” and that I consider my biggest project is the game “O Trono”, but it also is one of my biggest doubts. I want to continue working on it, but it was made using Unreal Engine 3.0, which is almost completely different from its successor. Should I keep working on it or at least try to adapt the game to either UE4 or Unity?

Any inputs, suggestions, critics are welcome! Thanks everyone for taking the time to read all of this and hope to be around here more often in the future! :smiley:

Awesome Gustavo! You sound a lot like me. I also got a job two years ago in retail and it’s not what I want to do.

Looks like you’ve got a lot of cool projects you’ve been working on! I know that one of the hardest things about making a game is knowing if what you’re making is worth continuing. I can’t give you much advice on that, but go with what you feel passion for. If you really want to continue developing that game, go for it!

Hey Kyler!

Thanks a lot for your answer! Knowing that someone actually took the time to look at that portfolio of mine already makes me quite happy, even better if they like what they see! :smiley:

A few days ago I actually spoke with one of the friends that made that main game of mine together with me, we discussed what to do about it and will probably try to port it to Unity and continue working on it from there. I am excited to see what is gonna happen!

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