Feedback is important!

There is something very imoportant by marketing. You should have a feedback of your game. I wanted to ask if somebody is able to give me a good feedback and share my game on google play store? It is called “The Lost Son (Begin of the adventure)”.


You’ll have a hard time getting feedback here since these forums are primarily used for asking questions about the courses, so I suggest looking into Discord, I think you can find the link to join at the bottom of some pages, like the About page.

I currently don’t have a cellphone so I can’t give you any feedback on gameplay or feel, but I can give you some feedback based on the trailer, I saw some issues, I must warn you, I like being honest and I don’t have a good impression based on the trailer.

  • The art feels all over the place, I don’t get why the “Persona 5” style effects in the trailer while the whole game has a completely different art style that doesn’t truly fit the trailer art at all.
  • Same goes for the whole UI, in some places I can see a font that looks kinda elegant, and then you go full Arial black or something similar, if I’m honest it looks bad. I know a lot of people that wouldn’t even consider downloading your game based on that. It makes the game feel unpolished.
  • The part when the player explodes when dying, around 0:52, it takes so long to die it again gives a weird feel to your game.
  • There are some typos in the trailer; “Their are… zombies”, I think you meant “There are… zombies”.
  • I don’t get the intro, What is that superpower/talent talk all about?
  • And lastly, What’s with the background? Look at the image below:

The overall feel I have based on the images and trailer is that you were trying to make some sort of epic medieval game, hence the “arty” font on some parts of the UI, then you decided to make it mobile, and then add zombies to turn it an action game. Your game feels all over the place and unpolished, and I don’t think the gameplay would make me change my mind, I think it would actually make my case stronger just based on the lack of “taking damage” animations. You need to spend more time on your game.