[Feedback] Course video default tab

Hey gang,

I was going through the Maths course and I’m about a dozen videos deep and I only just realised there’s an Info tab that has some great, helpful information in it. It immediately made me think “Why on earth wasn’t the Info tab the default instead of the Discussions one!?”.

Having Info as the default serves as a summary and prompts the viewer what to focus on before even watching the video. It also hides discussions from accidentally revealing something about the video such as a spoiler (you can’t trust people to use the tags) or any other idea that might influence the way they think about a challenge.

Food for thought.

Also, is there a preferred way to give general feedback on the forum/video/course structure? I think in the previous forum structure there may have been a dedicated board? Nothing stood out to me when I had a poke around but maybe I had a boy look. I don’t want to be fluffing up the wrong area or waffling out into the void.

Lastly, is there a preferred format moving forward around how to use the title and if parenthesis and the nature of the post (eg. Feedback, Question, Challenge etc)? A style guide on creating new posts could help us make this nice and readable for everyone.