FBX Import Issue in Blender (Unrelated to the Course)

I am facing an issue of FBX import in Blender that I do not face in 3DS Max 2014. I was hoping someone could tell me how to fix it or explain what the errors mean. I have attached screenshots for reference. I found the FBX file online some months ago and 3DS Max tells me it is generated by 2011 FBX sdk plugin

When I import into 3DS Max I get the following two warning messages:

  1. Incomplete BindPose: The Following parent/ancestor nodes are not part of BindPose definition: Mesh, Joints

  2. Warning Skin Modifier Import: Initial position of skinned objects is missing. The plugin will Assume Skin Pose.

After this when I press Ok, 3DS Max imports the file perfectly. You can see how it looks in the 1st Screenshot.

The Error produced by Blender is in 2nd Screenshot. I can’t make any sense of it but I think it is related to the first error from 3DS Max.

EDIT 1: I was wrong. When I uncheck the “Import Animation” while importing, blender does not produce any errors. However the file is still in bad shape after import as explained below. So I still feel this is somehow related to the warnings given by 3DS Max, which it handles automatically but Blender is not able to.

And After import into Blender the positions of bones are totally off and the even parts of meshes are not together as you can see in 3rd Screenshot. I have no idea how to proceed in Blender. The same happens with Blender versions 2.74, 2.77, 2.78.

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