FBullCowGame.cpp Broken?

Hi Everyone,

So I just was working through Lesson 46, and after I worked through it successfully, my entire FBullCowGame.cpp seemed to break. The code runs fine, everything still works, but visual studio says everything in FBullCowGame.cpp is undefined.

I have tried rebuilding it, cleaning it (I don’t really know what cleaning it does, but it sounded okay). I have deleted the code and added back in, dragged in a backup from the previous lecture and that seems broken too. I think I messed up something in the visual studio, but I don’t really know how to back track.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Shaun,

I think you might not have the appropriate header file included on the top of your file. In the case it is not the problem, please pastebin your code and send a screenshot about the errors.


All three files

http://i.imgur.com/S2VUC9K.png (showing that it is compiling and working but the red squiggles are still there)

There’s nothing wrong with your code. The problem is that VS can’t link your files properly for some reason.

First of all, you should close VS and open again, and your project as well.

If it’s still undefined:
(The easiest solution for now) Creating a new project, then add your files should solve the error. I created a new project, added empty files and pasted your code. I have no linking errors.

Hope that’ll help.

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