Fair Well

My well


Welcome to this site.

It is a good well with plank roof rather than tiles.
With winder and bucket, all good additions.

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I agree, very nicely done, though I would think a slightly larger roof would work better, mostly because if it starts raining, someone’s going to get soaking wet. :wink:


Which leads to the question of the purpose of the roof over wells?

Not to keep the user dry, but to keep rubbish, leaves, bird droppings, etc. out of the water supply. My suspicion most probably had lids not fancy rooves when in common ordinary people’s use. But it seems hard to find out.

A very good point. I was just thinking in terms of the well created through this course, and what, at least to me, would seem like the purpose of such a roof.

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You did a good job and welcome to GameDev.
Post your progress!
And have fun.