Failed to push large files

I have been trying to push lowpoly and high poly maps to Github but pushing to github fails because of large size of high poly map.

I have committed the changes but now can’t push. I have also made new changes after than commit what should be ideal solution now?

GitHub is not a storage drive for large files (which are mostly binary files and not version controllable anyway).
I think you are better with storing these in a separate assets folder and maybe use Dropbox or another cloud service for backup.

More Infos on GitHubs policy: (warning at 50MB files, not more than 100mb)

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Hi, I prefer using gitLab instead of github (or bitbucket) for my repos.

It’s a free source storage too, but it seems that large files are not limited, as told here :

I haven’t tested this feature yet, but I prefer gitlab because it allows unlimited free, private or public repositories.
And , you can import your existing repos from others tools (github, bitbucket…).
As it, you can test what suits you the best

You can compare gitlab and github here :

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Great thanks :slight_smile:

Also, in the next section, we cover using Git LFS (which stands for large file storage)

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