Extrusion Challenge | Military Aircraft

Almost took 2 hours to model this.

I only used Cylinders, Cubes and spheres and had to do multiple Extrusions and moving of vertices to get the shape.
Worth it !!!



This is some great work, and great job using the cylinder object throughout.


I wanted to be able to do this with the nose of the airplane too. How did you manage to get the nose and tail into points like that using the cylinder please?

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Hi @chris6003,

So I basically selected the cylinder, switched to Edit mode.

  1. Select the face of the cylinder and extrude it to a small distance (say 0.25 or so, or whatever you feel is good).
  2. Then scale it down a little, and again extrude the face.
  3. Keep repeating this task (scaling, then extruding the face) until you can scale it down to zero which makes the nose.
  4. You might need to keep repositioning the faces , so that it takes a good shape. Also you can select a ring of edge by selecting an edge and then going to select > edge loops, that would select all the edges that connect to it, and then you can reposition them as you like.
  5. Same for the tail as well.

I hope this is helpful.
It is quite time consuming, but it looks good when it’s complete :slight_smile:

Thanks @EpicWOLFE06 !

Thanks very much @Muzammil_Kaleemulla! This is really helpful - appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

Another way for the nose would be to start with a UV sphere. Remove half of it by selecting vertices with the box tool. Then resize on x, y, z separately to arrive at the shape you need. Might also have to select the vertex at the apex (?) of the sphere and move it off center…

Absolutely stunning! Awesome job!

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