Extruding and snapping to Grid


Does anyone know how I can extrude to snap to the grid? I know I can snap to blender units but I have a irregular shape and I want to extrude one of the faces to snap in line with a grid line. Any idea how I do this?

Hello Nicholas :smiley:

Whilst holding control, blender will snap by intervals (you can also lock this to an axis.) But if you hold Shift and Control it will snap to smaller intervals.

However, that depends on the scale and location of the original point of extrusion. But it should get it a bit closer to what you’re aiming for.

I think i understand that you have a face that isn’t planar with where you are trying to snap it to?

If that’s the case there are a couple of options.

With the transform orientation set to Normal, you could use s,z,z,0 to make the face planar etc.

If you what to snap the face to an arbitrary plane:
You could create a plane where you want the face to be planar with (as a separate object) and then use that to snap your face to (you might have to do it vertex by vertex)

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