Extreme Tuning: Cracked blocks start falling

I added gravity back in (setting the ball’s gravity scale to zero), and added a RigidBody2D to the blocks, but constrained position and rotation (like we constrained the ball’s rotation). I then removed the position y-axis constraint when the block gets damaged.

It’s way harder as you lose when anything touches the lose collider, including these blocks.


This is a great idea! What happens when they reach bottom?


Thanks! It’s game over if the falling block gets to the bottom. It adds a bit of randomness that is perhaps a touch too hard.

If you’d like to try it, I just completed the game. With some of my own pixel art artwork :slight_smile:

Falling blocks start on the third level.


That’s frickin AWESOME!

Oh, it’s great!! Well done!!!

Pressing A key makes the platform go to the right, is that un purpose?

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Hah! You found a “cheat code” (I say cheat code loosely as it’s just one keystroke). But this was for my debugging and to help me get a few decent screenshots. The ‘A’ key toggles auto-play :stuck_out_tongue:

It goes to the right when the ball isn’t in play, because the ball is not 100% centered on the paddle.

Awesome! But you randomfactor has to increase a bit i think. It keeps going on the x axis infinitely at the top of the screen

Great idea!