Extreme poor performance

Hi, I started creating my own horror game yesterday and i generated the trees using PCG and the path using spline …
Currently i’m having really bad frame drops and MS increase when i face my camera towards the trees as shown in the screenshots below … any fixes ?

machine specs here would be useful.

Mid or low end :
Gpu: Gtx 1650ti
Cpu: I5-10300H
Ram: 16GB

Could it be because of the Trees i used ? Megascans Trees: European Black Alder

If you were using UE4, you may just get away with it. UE 5, no way. You need a RTX 2060 or higher and I would say an i7 10th Gen. an i3 will not cut it. They also suggest 64Gb ram but I use 32Gb and it is fine.

This is partially to do with the asset but primarily your machine specs.

The exact recommended specs are i7 or equivalent, 64Gb Ram and a 2060 GPU with 6GB ram or better. They also suggest 2 SSDs, one for your OS and a second for the Unreal Install.

I use 3, OS, one for the editors and a third for the project. My machine is an i7 10700k, 32Gb ram, 3x SSD and a 3060ti GPU with 8GB RAM but looking to get a 4070 or better in the near future, primarily because they are 12GB as standard and it makes a big difference.

Thank you, After checking in the default level and placing the trees there i didn’t have any lag or fps drops so i think it’s because i generated too many trees that machine can’t handle it

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Megascans assets while amazing are so complex it hits performance. Try some low poly stuff even as placeholders for now.

I kept playing around and googling until i made it playable … around 30 - 45 fps …and honestly for me that’s good enough cause I’m just making this game as a small horror project for fun and i wanted to try things out … so what i did was using Cull to not render trees that are far which increased my fps … this is my solution for now because i couldn’t figure out how to delete unwanted PCG spawns manually but it works with cull hiding them now so yeah

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You should probably check RAM, VRAM, CPU, and GPU usage compared to without trees, and amount of different trees. If you create too many unique things that would obviously take a heavy toll on performance compared to several trees copied and pasted everywhere.

Even though its for fun, performance is well worth being able to put more in the scene, which would make it look ever better anyway for fun :slight_smile:

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As i mentioned in the previous reply what fixed the issue for me was using Cull to not render trees in a certain distance that PCG spawned and gave me a better performance than before and now the game is smooth … but thank you for your reply also I’m on a laptop and looking forward to get a desktop instead

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