Extra Modelling Challenge (with plugins!)

Just thought I would share this attempt at a 12-sided shape. Turns out it’s a bit harder to construct than I anticipated! My original inspiration for this was a megaminx puzzle:

And here’s the result:

For this I started with a face made from a 5-vertex cylinder and duplicated it to create the other faces. The difficult part was rotating and getting all the faces lined up – I actually had to rely on angles provided by blender and a couple plugins I found to make angles exactly 108 degrees between each face so everything would line up. Luckily once I got the first two faces in place, I was able to use a plugin called Mesh Align Plus to line up the remaining faces.

Here are the plugins I used, for anyone curious:
Mesh Align Plus

An really intereting shape. Interesting to read your workflow. I guess I would have some problems to get this shape done.

Great work!

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