Extra Modeling Objects - Advice Needed/Appreciated

So this is what I came up with: A key, pencil, and spray bottle. Surprisingly the pencil gave me the most trouble with the worst result and I encountered some hurdles I couldn’t overcome. Notice it looks very simple in object mode but switching to edit mode gives a different story:

Everything was segmented but I couldnt’ find a way to make them distinct at all.

The loop cut (ctrl r if I’m getting the name wrong) worked everywhere BUT the cone up top, which I was going to use to make a pencil tip. It wouldn’t show the purple loop and if I clicked it would just created a random vertex on the cone. Maybe doing it before joining it with the cylinder would’ve helped but I was already at the end.

I loop cut segments for the metal at the bottom (highlighted part) but I couldn’t think of a way to make them bulge out like you’d see at the bottom of any pencil. Extrude and Insetting both failed, as they created separate prisms for each face selected, and extruding/insetting a whole row at the same time had ridiculous results. If you have any comments, thanks, but otherwise I’ll just post another view of the key and spray bottle.

So, the Loop Cut function does not work unless there is an edge ring on both sides. What you can do as a workaroung is select all of the edges that form your tip and subdivide them. This will create a loop cut half way between the tip and the outer portion of the pencil.

Interesting. Didn’t think of that, thanks. Being halfway down the tip would probably make the graphite part a little long but it would suffice for my current skill level, I’m assuming moving vertices up a cone without ruining the edge would be tedious.

Just a bit, better to move the entire loop and then scale it in. Option 2 is,to delete the vertex at the tip and extrude the cylinder. you can scale it to the thickness of the led then extrude it again, scale to 0, and merge vertices.

Option 2 seems like a particularly handy trick, thanks for sharing. To be clear merging vertices is the same as removing doubles, right?


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