Extra Modeling Challenges

I decided to pause the videos for a while and explore a bit. Blender is awesome! :slight_smile:


How did you get the barrel and vase details

The barrel is simple , just select each vertical face loop click e to extrude and then S to scale it out , make sure you extrude the same amount on each face loop. the barrel rings are the same method , select the horizontal face loop and extrude and scale , after that just join the vertices or select the ring and remove the doubles.

The bottle is a little tricky and below there are still some problems but basically made the simple bottle with that shape with a single cylinder and then on another cylinder you do the following.

Make a cylinder and make several horizontal cuts to achieve square faces.

Then press TAB you can see the squares flipping. After applying that modifier you will be able to work on it in Edit mode.

So next i deleted the top and bottom faces and selected everything , pressed I ( to inset) and make sure you can just click anywhere and use the option in the lower left corner, make sure you have individual, outset and choose the depth and thickness you want.

After adjusting these options to reach the desired effect just drag to the botte and connect vertices or edges so its important for both cylinders to have roughly the same radius.

Hope this helps.

Great work. This looks really good :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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