Extra model (missile) + question

The fins were each created from a selection of edges. I duplicated the faces and flipped the normals so that the fins don’t get back face culled, but there are still some rendering issues, I think because the faces occupy the same space.

Question: What is the easiest way to take two faces that occupy the same space and seperate them just a tiny bit? I suppose I could extrude by 0.001 on each site or something. Maybe I should’ve done that rather than duplicating the faces…

I wonder if I could select the fins, separate them into different objects, and link them together somehow so that what I did to one of them also got done to the others. But if they’re not oriented in the same direction, it seems like the same alterations wouldn’t work correctly on the linked versions, unless maybe the objects were rotated so that Blender would apply an alteration correctly taking into account the linked objects’ rotations.

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