Hi folks!

Just started the course earlier today. I just finished the challenge for lecture 11, though I did also use a few torus meshes. It only uses simple shapes, scaling, rotating, and transforming, so it’s not great, but considering its my first “real” model, I’m pleased!

Had an interesting and fun time making it (at least until Blender crashed and I lost about 30 mins of “work” - that’ll teach me to not save constantly).


Looks interesting! Those spheres look pretty smooth on the bottom part, do those have a high poly count? I know when I tend to put spheres in my scene with high poly counts it would slow blender down a lot leading to a potential crash.


To be honest, I didn’t really give much thought to the poly count. At one point, I did change a created sphere to the max number of rings and segments (500 was the highest I could go). When I did that, each sphere took about a minute to generate or edit.

Since then, I’ve been setting both values to 32. If what I’m reading is correct, it has a poly count of 1024. I don’t really have a point of reference to know if that is low or high, though.

I’m not really sure number wise what would be a high poly count be either. I only know that if I increase it too much, my computer will scream and then comes the crash. :joy:

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