Extending Marble Run


So, I thought I’d go a little further with the Marble Run game. I’ve been adding extra things like a Title screen, lives, gameover and success screens, a timer in the top corner and even made it to where it will keep the time where it left off when you dropped the ball off the board (I increased the angle limits to allow for failure because I find that stuff can be fun).

There are a few things I’d like to do to extend it further, but I’m not sure I’ll do all the ideas I’ve had, especially if the next section comes out any time soon lol

I’ve enjoyed the class so far. Keep it up!


Nice job! :smiley:


@PiratePoots This is great!! Any chance you could upload this to GDrive/dropbox and provide me a link so I could have a source video file for this?

I’m trying to collect as much content I can to showcase students such as yourself!

All the best, Gavin.


Sure. I’ve uploaded it at the following link. As of typing it, it’s still processing, but soon it should be available.