Extended Laser Defender tutorial

Just thought I’d put this out here, this is my extended version of the Laser Defender tutorial I named Spacey Shooty. The things I added were:

  • Different enemy types with different firing patterns
  • A UI for the players remaining lives
  • A ‘damaged’ player state which makes the player immune to damage, fluctuate opacity and unable to fire for a short time.
  • A difficulty variable on the enemy spawner the goes up a little every time you kill an enemy. As the game goes on more of the harder enemies begin to spawn.

This is the first game I’ve made that I actually enjoy playing myself so I consider that a bit of a milestone, thanks to the teachers for a great course.

EDIT: I just realized I forgot to add anything about the controls! I guess that happens when you just work on it yourself. They’re A / D and space bar.


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