Ever Wonder About Those Games Unity Course Students Post?

I was never quite sure when I was taking the Blender course (still am but on hiatus) if it was appropriate to check out those games people were posting in the Unity course section.

Drum roll, please…The answer is yes, by all means check them out! See what fellow students are creating!

The games are student created games from lectures in the Unity courses, are web based so no special plug ins needed, and are posted though the course on sharemygame.com. It would be a good way to check out what other students in the forums are doing. Better yet, check out the course itself, learn scripting, the particulars of Unity, and make your own games! If I can learn to code and use Unity, you can too!


P.S. The cool part is, since you are learning Blender, you will be able to make your own assets for your game! A Win-Win in my book.


Not really sure why you posted this, but alright.

Umm…maybe encourage others to check out the games?

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