ETA on the Building Escape section remastered?


I was wondering if there is an ETA on when Building Escape will be fully remastered, since I’ve caught up to it. Also, the lectures don’t seem to match up exactly with the original version, so if there a list of the planned lectures, or a total number planned? Also, is there a certain scheduled time when the new lectures will drop?

Also, will the original versions of the other two (battle tanks and testing grounds) be able to work with the current Unreal Engine 4.22 I have installed, or will I need an older version?


Mike plans on finishing it this month. He’s closely following the original so whilst the lectures won’t be one to one the total count should be roughly the same.

The original content should mostly work with the latest engine. The only significant change is with the Navigation System though you can see the changes in this pull request