Escape From Pirate Cove! Try your hand

Hey guys, I finished my version of the Text101 project. Please give it a try and let me know what you think; what are your likes/dislikes? Thanks!

Play the Game HERE

This is the State planner. I followed it closely while coding.

I really like the planner! :smiley:
Did you write the State planner before hand? And did it evolve during coding?

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Hi, thanks for the comments! Yes, I did write the planner beforehand. As I was coding, a few new ideas (not in my original diagram) came to mind, but I was always sure to implement them into the diagram before I started the code; this way I never had to worry about missing logic, or broken connections in the code.

In this tutorial I really learned the value of the high level plan. I will definitely be utilizing what I learned for all my future projects.

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Wicked cool! I loved the safe and finding the numbers to unlock it - that was a brilliant way to add more depth to a text based game!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!