Escape from Arcadia Game (Project Boost)


Just finished my first 3D game! I was struggling to get this game to run on WebGL, I kept on getting a message that said “Out of Memory…” So I had to scale down some textures and terrains and get rid of some lightning effects. It still doesn’t run too smoothly but it seems to at least run. Feel free to give me some feed back. Can the game run in your browser? And what do you think of the levels? Anyway enjoy.

Game Trailer

Play Now!


Esc - Pause Game
Space - Boost / Trust
A - rotate counter clockwise
D - rotate clockwise


This in a different league than me.
I could rune the game on Chrome. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far


Yeah, I was thinking of adding a way that allows the player to change the difficulty by increasing or decreasing the amount of lives allocated before game over. When I revisit this project I might add that.