Erros and crashed

Hello, I am struggling with unreal engine for like 4 month. There is not even a day without any problem(I do not include just code syntax or similar errors). Everyday I get crashes, some randoms for example I am just opening Engine, not project just engine and it crashes, then if It finally opens, sometimes it lags and then crashes. Also there are Fatal Compile Errors. Not the code Errors, just RANDOM ERRORS, and any time I compile this errors change in different errors, until I delete intermediate, binaries, vscode files and regenerate them, but even after this sometimes it doesn’t work. I did everything as it’s in the course. Here are some errors :

Those screenshots are really hard to make out.

This is all I get.

I think you misunderstood. The images are too small.

Ohh, but how can I make them bigger? I think you can zoom in…

Also new error, I tried to refresh vs code files. Tried to repair vs installer and also tried to verify ue, nothing worked

I see that pictures are small, so if you will give me your discord I will send them there

How did you create and upload them? This isn’t an issue with forum not being able to show full sized images.

It’s possible you have permission issues on that folder. What are its permissions?

I can easily open pictures from website and zoom them, I uploaded them from downloads folder

That doesn’t quite answer the question of how.

The ones in the OP? I can only do that with the recent one you sent. The ones in the OP appear to just be thumbnails.